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Book one of our 2 crash courses

& get 10 lessons
for just £150

‘Legends Of Rock’
Crash Course

Is it your dream is to follow
in the footsteps of the greatest rock guitarists
on the planet?

Crash Course

Have you always wanted to
be the one that could pick
up a guitar and strum a
few chords at a party?

Choose the course that suits you


Our crash course packages are based on effective teaching methods we have developed through years of experience. We’ve taught many individuals, each of whom have contributed towards our understanding of pupils’ needs. We have worked scrupulously to develop a package that builds on this knowledge and have designed a structured and methodical solution to your guitar playing needs - The Beginner’s Crash Course Series!


Both courses are presented in a simple and easy to digest format, with each lesson setting attainable goals to help you get the most from your practice sessions.

Who are the crash courses for?

The courses are primarily geared toward adult beginners, particularly those with little to no playing experience. They are a great taster for people who want to learn the guitar but don’t necessarily know if they want to commit to lessons on a long term basis, or for those who simply want help getting started off on the right foot. They also make a great gift!


What’s covered in the courses?

The aim of each course is to teach you some basic techniques and to get you playing a few classic songs and riffs in your chosen musical style. We're here to ensure you adopt the correct habits from day one and get off to a great start!

How good will I be after the course?


The short (and not particularly helpful) answer is that you'll be as good as you've practiced... We expect students to have a good grasp of basic playing technique and to be able to play a small selection of tunes by the end of the course. If you practice for 30 minutes a week then we’ll be honest - It’ll take a long while before you start getting anywhere. If you practice for 3 hours a day then you'll probably be playing songs in a matter of days. Somewhere in between those two extremes would be good!

How long are the courses?


The courses are built around a 10 week programme and can be delivered as consecutive weekly or biweekly sessions. 

How long is each session?

Each session lasts for 30 minutes. We've broken the course into 10 bite-sized chunks to make it simple and easy to digest.

Can I do the crash course via Skype?


We prefer to deliver our crash courses in person so that it's easier for us to help you get set up properly. However, if you are confident that you can get your guitar in tune and have a guitar that is in working order we will be happy to teach you via Skype if you wish. 


So, which course is best for me?


You can click on the links above for the more information about each course. Why not give our friendly teaching team a call - They'll be happy to tell you more about it too.

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