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Have you always wanted to be the one that could pick up a guitar and strum a few chords at a party or social event? If your goal is to be a casual guitar player who can entertain friends and family with a repertoire of simple, yet popular songs then we have some very good news for you. We can help you achieve this goal in just ten weeks with our CAMPFIRE Crash Course!


The guitar is a relatively forgiving instrument. It is common knowledge that all you have to do is learn 3 chords and you can play a song. The truth is, you can actually play many, many songs with those 3 chords, and we’re about to show you how!



What’s covered in the course?


Our courses are built around a carefully prepared and progressive template. The CAMPFIRE course aims to teach you a solid set of basic acoustic guitar skills, using a host of popular songs to put your skills into practice.


We have an ever-growing library of songs to choose from, meaning you can learn the songs you want as you complete the course. If you want to learn a song and it’s not in our library then just ask and we will do our best to include it for you!


Below is a list of the skills covered in the course:



The Basics


One of the fundamental elements of any crash course should be a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the basic skills required by any guitarist. This involves things like; how to hold and stand with the guitar, how to play with a pick, how to get your guitar in tune and how to read basic chord sheets and tab.



Acoustic Rhythm Techniques


In our CAMPFIRE course we will cover the basic techniques required by the modern acoustic guitarist. This will involve studying the techniques of well known guitarists and  learning to apply these skills through the performance of your favourite songs! Amongst other things, some of the skills we will be looking at in this course are; how to play basic open chords, popular acoustic guitar riffs and a variety of strum patterns.



Acoustic Performer Techniques


We understand that becoming a good musician relies not just on your ability to play songs in your bedroom, but also on your capability to play songs with other musicians. There is a lot to learn about playing in a band environment, and that’s why we use high quality backing tracks, combined with regular student/teacher jam sessions to give you the full experience and set you up for life as an active musician. We let you take control of your learning by giving you the freedom to choose what you learn from our ever-growing list of popular songs. The course also covers playing AND singing at the same time for those of you who are interested in going solo!



Song Requests


If you want to learn a song and it’s not in our library then just ask and we will do our best to include it for you!



High-Quality Teaching Resources


Our courses and lesson material are supported by stunning, high-quality hand-outs and    professionally recorded backing tracks, which we supply on a weekly basis during each lesson. The information is presented in a clear, easy to read format to make it easy on the eyes and the backing tracks can be provided in a number of different formats to ensure they work on your device.



Sounds great, how do I get started?


Simply click the button below to get started.

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