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Before booking a lesson, check out our

terms and conditions

to see how it all works.

Terms Of Business
  1. Fees 


  • Lesson fees must be paid via card payment at the beginning of each lesson. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any alternative payment methods. 

  • Late payments may be subject to a ‘Late Payment Charge’.

  • Skype lesson fees must be paid via bank transfer and must have cleared at least 48 hours before the lesson is scheduled to commence.

  • Lesson fees are subject to annual review.


2. Cancellation Policy


  • If you cannot make it to your lesson then we ask that you let your tutor know via phone call or text message  (not by e-mail) no later than 48 hours before the lesson is scheduled to start, otherwise full payment will be expected.

  • Lessons can be terminated by both parties at any time.


3. What Happens If We Can’t Make It To Your Lesson?


In the unlikely event that we cannot make it to your lesson we will let you know as soon as possible and do our best to offer an alternative convenient slot.


4. What Happens If We’re Late To Your Lesson?


We pride ourselves on offering a punctual service that you can rely on. Occasionally, there may be reasons beyond our control that cause us to arrive late to your lesson. In these circumstances your tutor will conduct the scheduled lesson length starting from their time of arrival. If this is not possible then he/she may offer an alternative slot. 


5. Recommend A Friend Offer


  • Students of Pure Musician are entitled to claim a free lesson if we gain a new pupil via their recommendation. To qualify for the free lesson offer you must already be a student of Pure Musician and have had at least one paid lesson. 

  • You will receive your free lesson after your referral has had their first lesson. 

  • Please make sure that your referral mentions your name at the time of booking to validate this offer. 


6. Holidays & Away Dates


We ask that you give us reasonable notice if you are not going to be around for your lesson (with a minimum notice of 48 hours). Your tutor will notify you of their away dates with as much notice as possible. If you are going to be away for more than 2 consecutive weeks then your tutor may require you to change to a new lesson day/time upon your return.


7. Public & School Holiday Arrangements


  • We continue tuition throughout the school holidays. We may ask you to move your lesson to a different day/ time during this period. Your tutor will discuss this with you ASAP. 

  • Lessons do not normally run on bank holidays.


8. Lesson Time


We work hard to accommodate everyone’s availability, especially during peak hours (16.00 - 20.00) due to the high volumes of after school commitments. In order to maintain our schedule as best as possible we will review our rota annually to work in conjunction with the start of each new school year. We require pupils to be as flexible as possible during this time, providing at least one full day/evening that you would be available. We may also ask you to move your lesson slot from time to time in the event of a cancellation.


9. Illness


  • If you, or anyone in your household are unwell on the day of your lesson then we ask that you let us know prior to our arrival. Due to the nature of our business we would prefer to avoid contact with anybody experiencing contagious symptoms (i.e cold, flu etc) in order to minimise the risk of our teaching staff/other pupils being affected.

  • Failing to notify your tutor about illness will result in the lesson being terminated and full payment will be due. 

  • In the event of your tutor being unwell they will contact you with as much notice as possible. 


10. Student Well-being 


In the interest of the student’s well-being during lessons, the teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student. 


11. Examinations, Competitions and Public Performances


  • The pupil will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without the prior consent of both the teacher and the pupil (and the pupil’s parent/guardian, where appropriate). 

  • Examination entry fees will be paid for by the student/parent/guardian. 


12. Student Progress


It is important to note that whilst a teacher will use his or her best endeavours to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. In particular, careful regular practice as advised by your tutor is a prerequisite of success on a musical instrument. 


13. Instrument Maintenance


Musical instruments require regular maintenance. The student/parent/guardian agrees to maintain their instrument to a standard deemed satisfactory by their tutor.  


14. Copyright


The student/parent/guardian undertakes not to copy, share or distribute lesson materials and handouts. 


15. Parental Support    


We require parents/guardians to be present during lessons for children under the age of 12 years. Young musicians benefit greatly from additional parental support, so it’s important that you understand the lesson material too.   


16. Changes 


We may change all or part of these terms at any time. If we do, your tutor will notify you of any changes. 

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