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An Important Announcement​

To our friends and valued customers,


At Pure Musician we have been teaching online since 2016, which started as a great way to extend our reach for customers who lived outside of our catchment area. Then, in January 2020 we were forced to move our entire business operations online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Fast-forward to the present day and online meetings have become a normal part of daily life due to the undeniable benefits it brings for both businesses and customers alike. 


As time goes on we have found our teaching practices becoming increasingly ingrained into the world of online business methods, and it became apparent that the future of our business had a greater potential online than it did in person, due to a variety of factors. 


We want to highlight some of these factors to help new customers understand how our business has changed and adapted to help ensure pupils get the best experience with us. 


Student / Colleague Safety 


The pandemic has irreversibly changed the views of many individuals about acceptable and safe working practices for customer-facing businesses. Due to the nature of our ‘mobile tuition’ service and the high level of customer interaction we feel that online lessons are the best way to keep our clients and staff safe. Since we’ve converted to online lessons we have had 22% less cancellations due to illness! It’s hard to argue with these statistics.


Time Constraints


Back in 2019, our tutors spent an average of 1 1/2 hours a day travelling to and from lesson appointments. Teaching online has allowed us not only to increase our lesson capacity, but also has enabled us to pass the associated savings on to our pupils. We talk about these in more detail below…


Lesson prices


One of the many benefits of online lessons is the reduction in our business costs. This has allowed our tutors to maximise their earning potential, whilst also benefiting our customers through reduced lesson fees. It’s a win-win! All the money we save on things like travel costs, insurance liabilities associated with visiting peoples homes and card payment transactions have been passed directly onto you, so you get great lessons at a more competitive price. 


Environmental Factors


Another obvious benefit is the impact that our business has on the environment. Cutting out the need to travel helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit to contribute towards a greener future. We have also gone completely paperless, which further reduces the impact on the planet and our customers wallets.


There are many other advantages to our online lessons and we explain these in more detail on our lessons page. You can view these by clicking here. However, whilst we know that there are many good reasons to conduct our lessons online we are not ready to rule out the return of face to face lessons and are constantly reassessing the feasibility of bringing them back for our pupils. For now though we will continue to deliver high quality lessons online and will update our website if and when we can offer this service again. 


In the meantime we’d like to thank all of our awesome pupils for their understanding and ongoing commitment to lessons… Without you guys none of this would be possible!


Take care and keep on rocking,


The puremusician Teaching Team


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