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Live Equipment

Line 6 POD HD500x - Multi effects processor

Line 6 'Relay G50' - Incredible wireless pack

Strap Locks - stops your strap coming loose

ACS Earplugs - Protect your hearing!

Fret Wraps - Essential for any studio guitarist

Cable Ties - keep your leads & cables tidy!

Boss Pedal Board - Keep your pedals in one place!

Boss DD7 Delay - One of the best you can buy!

Digitech Whammy - For insane sounds only!

Boss 'Super Chorus' - A must have effect!

Jim dunlop 'Cry Baby' - The most iconic pedal!

Noise Gate - Cleans up nasty guitar noises!

Noise Gate - Higher quality noise gate

Boss Loop Station - For all the Ed Sheerans!

Line 6 Pocket Pod - All your effects in one place

Orange 'Micro Terror'  - Little amp, big sound

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