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Fender Picks - Great for acoustic strummers.

Pick Assortment - Ideal for beginners. 

Clip-on Tuner - Essential for any guitarist.

Budget music stand in a range of colours.

The 'Boss' of ALL music stands.

Foot rest - A must have for  guitarists. 

Capo - A handy tool for acoustic players.

Cheap & cheerful guitar strap for beginners

Guitar Lead - So you can plug into an amp

Guitar Stand - Stops your guitar from falling over.

Guitar Wall Mount - Store your guitar in style

'Bottleneck Slide' - Great for Delta Blues

Carry Case For 3/4 Size Nylon Guitar

Carry Case - For full size acoustic guitars.

Metronome - Keep yourself in time easily!

Traditional Metronome - Stay in time with style.

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